The Song You Came To Sing: Shamanism and Creativity, A Spiritual Journey

SHAMANISN is an ancient spiritual practice grounded in nature, that may break you away from all that went before

Do you have a yearning, a subtle feeling that there is something more for you, or perhaps you are facing a life challenge? Then this course is for you! Using ancient shamanic practices and creative wisdom, we will take a 9 month journey to discover your soul’s plan, to remove any blocks that impede your happiness and health, and to find spirit helpers and guides to access your own personal direct revelations. Our inner experiences will lead to transformations.

Using journeying, guided meditation, movement, chanting and creative arts, we:

* Connect with your spirit helpers and teachers

* Find answers to all your questions through direct revelation

* Find your soul’s purpose

* Remove blocks that keep you from your full spiritual potential

* Use nature as a great teacher

* Practice connecting to the Divine when out of harmony

* Conduct healing rituals for personal transformation

* Optional Vision Quest in nature

This class in beginning shamanism for women will meet 1 day per month to learn new skills and delve in our complex natures. We have two semesters, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. You can sign up for the classes that interest you and do not have to attend all of them.

Classes are $65 or $50 if you sign up for 2 or more classes. Retreats and vision quest to be determined.

Classes are held at Stillpoint and Coesa at the Saratoga State Park.



Amejo Amyot, Ph.D. is a shamanic practitioner and visual artist. As a psychotherapist and teacher for 40 years, she brings this deep understanding of the human psyche to her work. She began studying shamanism in the mid-eighties and has worked with Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, Sandra Ingerman, Michael Harner, and indigenous shamans from Peru and Ecuador. She is currently studying with don Oscar Miro- Quesada. She believes women are the original healers and have different ways of knowing.

Amejo started making clay sculptures in 1990 and worked intuitively to bring the inner feminine to visual expression. In 2007 she began painting. Her latest series is of Monumental Women.